Jimi takes us for a walk and gives us tips on how to properly walk with our dogs!

10 Steps to Master the Dog Walk

  1. First things first, make sure you have a good leash and collar for your dog.
  2. Select a quiet area with less distraction. You can work your way up to areas with more distractions later.
  3. Remember the dog is walking with you, not in front or behind you. Think of when you are walking with a friend…you don’t walk ahead or behind them!
  4. Do not give hard pulls or “pops” to the leash if your dog is having a hard time. This only confuses the dog.
  5. Make sure there is always slack on the leash.
  6. Slowly move directions and change speeds so the dog gets more comfortable with change. Feel free to zig zag and walk in different patterns.
  7. If the dog walks too far ahead, stop and slowly turn around and guide the dog in the new direction. Then loop back around and continue on your way.
  8. If the dog is doing well, stop and CALMLY praise the dog.
  9. Pay close attention to your dogs posture and tail. If your dog becomes distracted or startled by an object along your walk, take the time to calming introduce your dog to that object and show them it’s harmless.
  10. Implement walking over objects into each walk. Walking over different types of terrain and surfaces is great!

We are here for you!

We’d love for you to share your dog walking experiences with us in the comments below. We do our best to answer every question posted!