There are two ways to get results you want with Your Dog Guru. #1 is Private Lessons and #2 is In-Kennel Training. This page will take you through both programs along with some information on our specialized training such as Service Dog and Hunting Dog programs. We are confident in our training abilities so much that all of our training is guaranteed and good for the life of the dog. Ask any of our previous clients of visit our Testimonials page for many references.

Private Lessons

Once we have evaluated your dog, we work with you to come up with a training plan to get your dog exactly where you want them to be. Whether its simply to get Fido to stop peeing in the house or if you want a dog that will heel perfectly by your side at all times, we cater our plans to each client and dog individually. This training program is very much about teaching owners as it is training dogs. Each private lesson ends with homework that you’ll want to work with your dog on diligently until the next lesson. Owners that are willing to invest the time and effort in their dog outside of the private lesson times will see much faster progress and at the end of the day you get much more for your money.

In-Kennel Training

This training package is perfect for the busy professional or family. It allows us to bring your dog to our facility and work with them 1-on-1 for as long as it takes until we get the results that you are satisfied with. This is our most popular program because we deliver a perfect dog to you that will impress not only you, but your friends, family and strangers. Your dog will be in very good hands at our facility and you are welcome to drop by at any time to check in on progress. We’d be happy to set up a Facetime of Skype call if you just want to say Hi to your buddy as well.

Service Dog Program

If you want a program that will deliver a friend for life that you can take virtually anywhere, our Service Dog program is for you! This is an increasingly popular program. We can train any type of dog as a Service Dog or even help you select a new puppy and have them full trained at only 9 months. Your Service Dog will have perfect obedience both on and off leash and possess self sustained levels of control such as not accepting food from strangers and not looking for scraps on the floor. We train our Service Dogs that are perfect pets, socialize well with other humans and animals, and can help you perform life necessary tasks tailored to any disability. We encourage you to come visit us and witness what a properly trained Service Dog could add to your life.

Hunting Dog Program

We believe in training versatile hunting dogs that can do both land and water work. Our dogs want to hunt for YOU, not themselves. Our Hunting Dog Program will deliver a perfect hunting dog with perfect obedience. At the end of the program, we schedule a transfer day with you where you’ll learn everything your new hunting buddy can do.

Check back with us soon for in-depth videos of each programs. You can be notified by email as soon as new content is available on our site by submitting your email address at the very top of the website.