Jimi Livshitz has been involved in training dogs for over 30 years starting in Israel and then in the US for the past 15 years. His first Dog was a mid size abandoned and abused shepherd mix male named Miki. Miki eventually became a Service Dog for a local disabled person assisting with epileptic seizure detection. Jimi has learned with some of the best, including from direct descendants of Dr. Rudolphina Menzel who was a cynologist best known for her work in the field of animal behavior in Austria.

Jimi furthered his experience by working with all different breeds and training for a variety of purposes. By the time Jimi was 15 he was training dogs that were at such a high level of skil and obedience that they were selected as detection, cadaver, guide, and seizure alert dogs. He continued apprenticing under many of the best trainers at the time. Jimi spent many years training and competing with his GSD Nora in protection and obedience up to a SCH III competitor. He traveled throughout Europe to continue his education in Germany and Holland later consulting with Police operations with KNPV. During time serving in IDF Jimi trained and successfully deployed many K9 Teams for tactical real life situations. During the time of service he was influential and essential part in Oketz.

Jimi has resided in Arizona for the past 13 years and calls Phoenix his new home. He has been responsible for training some of the best, most talented and friendliest dogs you’ll run into around the Valley. His dream is to help get the State of Arizona to be pound-free while placing dogs as service animals for disabled and in-need individuals. Take a look at what some of Jimi’s clients have to say about him on our Testimonials page.