Jimi takes on a brief overview of why dogs bark along with a few tips of how to stop dog barking.

3 Reasons Why Dogs Bark:

  1. Stress – Barking usually occurs with a new place or new element such as a person coming to visit. The dog is not confident and barks.
  2. Anxiety – Barking due to anxiety usually occurs at the beginning or end of a scenario such as when a person walks in and the dog gets excited and barks. The same thing can occur if someone (particularly the owner) leaves the dog alone.
  3. Boredom – Dogs bark out of boredom too! This can happen if your dog is left in the back yard. Leaving your dog in the back yard can actually be very unhealthy and could cause even more bad habits like digging.

How to Stop Dog Barking – Tips

If your dog is barking, DO NOT punish or correct the dog for it’s behavior. Also, DO NOT touch or pet the dog! We see so many owners grab their dogs and start petting them in the attempt to calm the dog down. Doing this will only reinforce your dog to continue barking. It’s best to remain calm, don’t escalate or heighten the situation.

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