Harper is a Labradoodle that has recently entered our Service Dog training program. One of the first issues we had to work on was her barking whenever a new person or dog was introduced. This is a short before & after clip of the progress made in just a few days with us!


You will notice that when we first arrived to pick Harper up, she was barking and protecting her home. She was so distracted by us that even her owner could not calm her down.

Upon leaving, the owner’s youngest son was sad to see Harper go. We made sure that he had a moment to say goodbye and reminded him that Harper was going to have an absolute blast training with us!

Just a few days into our training program, Harper was making great progress. We’re now able to walk her in public places, and as you see in the video above, even strange barking dogs around the neighborhood don’t even phase her! We’re excited to see the owner’s reaction and will definitely get that on film!