How to Find the Best Dog Trainer

We want all owners to develop a true bond with their dogs involving genuine and mutual love and respect. Here's how to weed out the bad trainers and find the best one for you and your dog.

Debunking Electronic Dog Collar Myths

Electronic dog collars can be a positive training tool that is used by many. Unfortunately, they are also be misused by many. Jimi takes you through a review of the e-collar he recommends and we put it to the test with some strangers to see what they think!

Dealing with Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog Separation Anxiety is an issue that usually is diagnosed when a dog cannot function without another dog or owner being around. It's common in households with 2 or more dogs. Jimi takes us through some examples along with tips on dealing with this problem.

Best Dog Collar and Leash

A good leash and collar for your dog is a must-have. There are hundreds of options to choose from so Jimi goes over a variety of popular products and shows us the best dog collar and leash. Best Dog Collar and Leash Tips: No retractable leashes! It puts a constant pressure on the [...]

What’s the Right Size Dog Crate or Kennel to Buy?

The right size dog crate or kennel can be a huge benefit to your dog. We go to our local pet store where Jimi gives us a run through of the different types of crates you can buy, which is best, and how to size it perfectly to your dog. We also learn the importance [...]

Local Dog Parks Can Be Dangerous

Local dog parks can be a lot of fun for dogs and their owners. Unfortunately, most owners are unaware of how dangerous dog parks can be. We go to a local dog park and Jimi narrates us through some bad scenarios as they happen.

Dog Nutrition – What Dry Dog Food is Best?

High quality dog food is the most important part of Dog Nutrition. It's best for most owners to avoid wet and raw foods. In the following video, Jimi goes over his favorite dog food, storage container and food/water bowls. Dog Nutrition and Food Tips Feed your dog a high quality dry dog food [...]

Best Dog Toy and Why Treats Are Not Needed

Any pet store will be stocked full of treats and have a huge selection of toys. Food treats are unneeded... the best dog toy and "treat" you can give your dog is a good toy with you at the other end of it. Best Dog Toy and Treat Tips Avoid feeding your dog [...]

Best Dog Grooming Products – Skip the Dog Salon!

Grooming your dog is very important and should be done regularly. The best thing you can do is groom your dog yourself instead of taking your dog to a groomer (or dog salon). Jimi takes us through a few grooming products he uses. Best Dog Grooming Tips - Skip the Dog Salon! It's [...]

Electronic Dog Collars at Your Local Pet Store

Most pet stores carry a variety of products marketed towards correcting behavioral issues. One of the most common issues that these products cater to is barking with electronic dog collars. Unfortunately, most of these products found in your chain pet stores are gimmicks or do not possess the level of sensitivity to be absolutely safe [...]

How to Select a Dog or Puppy Muzzle

Owners with aggressive dogs may need to muzzle their dogs until their aggression issues are dealt with. Recognizing that your dog may have an aggression issue is the sign of a responsible owner. You may want to consider a dog or puppy muzzle. Do not feel guilty! Aggressive dogs can be a huge liability and [...]

How to Pick a Dog for Adoption

Adopting or rescuing a dog can be a wonderful life-changing experience. However, it's very important to educate yourself and know what to look for. All dogs deserve to find good homes, but you want to have a good idea of the kind of dog you are bringing home and if they'd be a good fit [...]

Importance of Giving Your Dog Affection

Jimi teaches us the importance of giving your dog affection along with the right (and wrong) ways to show your best friend how much you care.   Affection should be one of the most important parts of your relationship with your dog. Most of us consider our dogs as part of the family. [...]

Tips for Mastering the Dog Walk

Jimi takes us for a walk and gives us tips on how to properly walk with our dogs! 10 Steps to Master the Dog Walk First things first, make sure you have a good leash and collar for your dog. Select a quiet area with less distraction. You can work your way up [...]

How To Prevent and Stop Dog Barking

Jimi takes on a brief overview of why dogs bark along with a few tips of how to stop dog barking. 3 Reasons Why Dogs Bark: Stress - Barking usually occurs with a new place or new element such as a person coming to visit. The dog is not confident and barks. Anxiety [...]

Running Dogs on a Treadmill

We all live busy lives; however, it's very important for our dogs to get the regular exercise they need (just as we do). It is possible for your dog to get great exercise by running dogs (more like trotting) on a home treadmill! A treadmill can be especially useful in months of harsh climates where [...]

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