High quality dog food is the most important part of Dog Nutrition. It’s best for most owners to avoid wet and raw foods. In the following video, Jimi goes over his favorite dog food, storage container and food/water bowls.

Dog Nutrition and Food Tips

  1. Feed your dog a high quality dry dog food such as Orijen. Jimi loves Orijen’s “6 Fish” food.
  2. No wet or raw foods!
  3. Store your food indoors inside of a sealed container
  4. Simple stainless steel water and food bowls are great. We don’t recommend elevating the bowls.
  5. Don’t leave bowls of food and water out which will attract bugs and bacteria. Feed your dog at set times during the day with clean bowls each time. You can even hand feed your dog!
  6. Consult your Veterinarian for their recommendations

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