Debunking Electronic Dog Collar Myths

Electronic dog collars can be a positive training tool that is used by many. Unfortunately, they are also be misused by many. Jimi takes you through a review of the e-collar he recommends and we put it to the test with some strangers to see what they think!

Electronic Dog Collars at Your Local Pet Store

Most pet stores carry a variety of products marketed towards correcting behavioral issues. One of the most common issues that these products cater to is barking with electronic dog collars. Unfortunately, most of these products found in your chain pet stores are gimmicks or do not possess the level of sensitivity to be absolutely safe [...]

How To Prevent and Stop Dog Barking

Jimi takes on a brief overview of why dogs bark along with a few tips of how to stop dog barking. 3 Reasons Why Dogs Bark: Stress - Barking usually occurs with a new place or new element such as a person coming to visit. The dog is not confident and barks. Anxiety [...]

Harper the barking Labradoodle (Before & After)

Harper is a Labradoodle that has recently entered our Service Dog training program. One of the first issues we had to work on was her barking whenever a new person or dog was introduced. This is a short before & after clip of the progress made in just a few days with us! [...]

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