Electronic dog collars can be a positive training tool that is used by many. Unfortunately, they are also be misused by many. Jimi takes you through a review of the e-collar he recommends and we put it to the test with some strangers to see what they think! We only recommend Dogtra electronic collars because of their superior build quality, reliability and sensitivity. We only use the absolute lowest stiumulation level possible when using these collars.

Electronic Dog Collar Facts

  1. Using a prong collar or making hard leash corrections can hurt and confuse the dog because the feeling lingers. If someone put a leash around your neck and snapped hard on it, you’d be feeling it for the rest of the day!
  2. Electronic collars are used by thousands of responsible trainers. Unfortunately many also don’t use them correctly and there are also some bad electronic collar brands out there too. This is why we made this video!
  3. A properly set electronic collar is not evasive and should feel like no more than an instant tap or tingle to the dog to get their attention.

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