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We’re so excited to release this full-length interactive training program that has been in development for the past 2 years! We took a very unique approach that has never been done before in the dog training world which involved working directly with a actual client and their puppy consistently over a 7 month period and recording each of those training sessions in great detail. Each time we met with the client we evaluated where their dog was at in training, taught the client how to advance to the next step of our training program and gave them homework to work on. The final product resulted in nearly 6 hours of video taking us through the training of an 8-week old Hungarian Vizsla puppy from start to complete finish. We picked this particular client because he had never owned a dog before, had no previous dog or animal training experience whatsoever, and because his puppy’s breed is notorious for being difficult to train to a high obedience level. It was an amazing journey and we believe this training program is really something special that any dog owner will learn greatly from compared to the other dog training DVDs and programs currently available. We show real issues, real mistakes and real successes with no editing cuts, gimmicks or tricks. You’ll see how master trainer, Jimi Livshitz, with nearly 30 years of dog training experience breaks down his training methodology into easy-to-follow steps. All videos are professionally filmed in 1080P HD video with crystal clear audio. Our customers also get premium access to ask questions directly through our online learning center as well as view new videos that are released as part of this training program. So whether you just adopted a new puppy or wanting to train your adult dog, we are confident this is the training program for you or your money back!