Testimonial – Raquel B.

I'm only in the second day of training with Jimi Livshitz and the results already are phenomenal!!! Morning walks with the dogs are no longer a dreaded experience. Thanks Jimi I can't wait to go through the full program if two days in the dogs are already expressing less anxious behavior...

Testimonial – Maggie F.

There are not enough words to express how grateful we are in finding Jimi Livshitz our dog guru in "training" us to response to our packs needs and issues, so much that a pack of two became a pack of three. Never would have dreamed we would have been able to take all three on a 2 week road trip - at ages 2 yr, 1 yr and 4 1/2 months but we did and people stopped us everywhere to compliment their behavior it was amazing, in my book that spoke volumes that the program aka doggie bootcamp for "us" really worked. Could not have done it without you!

Testimonial – Katarina L.

I only had one training session with Jimi and my dog has done a complete turn around since. No more biting or pulling on the leash! By training me on how to handle myself while with my dog, Jimi helped create the strong bond I now have with Dewie. Thank you, Jimi!

Testimonial – Dan C.

Jimi is a very accomplished Dog Trainer who helped us prepare our home for a loving and loyal Australian Cattle Dog as well as rehabilitate our overly anxious Yorkie. Without Jimi's help our puppies wouldn't be near as happy as they are today and neither would we. Jimi doesn't just help train the dogs, he trains you how to train the dogs and really communicate with them.

Testimonial – Kenneth B.

Jimi is not simply an expert dog trainer, he is a wonderful person who is genuinely committed to helping strengthen the bonds between people and our canine companions. Jimi showed me that some of the ways that I interacted with my dog, Xander, were creating stress for him. My "serious" tone of voice when giving commands was much too loud and harsh, engendering fearful compliance rather than willingly giving obedience. Learning to monitor my tone and my own internal state have helped improve our relationship greatly. Since meeting Jimi, Xander and I have completed three classes through a local dog club where I now also volunteer as an apprentice trainer myself. I cannot say enough about how kind, knowledgable, patient and inspiring Jimi is: the Phoenix and Scottsdale communities are lucky to have him.

Testimonial – Clive M.

Jimi is an amazing canine trainer who will help you connect and communicate with your furry friend. He is wonderful person who is committed to helping people and their dogs form that special bond.

Testimonial – Traci S.

Jimi, The Dog Guru, is truly a Dog Guru! Jimi is teaching my family how to train our recue puppy. Sid just turned six months old, and he sits when told to sit, stays when told to stay, comes when told to come, goes in his kennel when told to go in his kennel. He hasn't chewed or destroyed anything in our house since Jimi came into our lives. I can already comfortably trail run with my dog. I am so excited to see what my dog is capable of doing. It is fun to see the excitement in Sid's eyes when he does something that makes us happy. Thank you, Jimi!

Testimonial – Nicole C.

Before Jimi became our dog trainer we were certain that we knew everything about handling/caring for our dogs. BUT when we watched our dogs respond so naturally and eagerly to Jimi, we quickly realized that what/how we were communicating/relating to/loving our dogs was lacking greatly. Jimi trained our two dogs, while simultaneously teaching us to be better parents to them. He was so patient, kind, and intuitive in communicating/teaching both us and our dogs. We were always amazed and humbled by his unique abilities. Because of Jimi's training, we are now very in tune with our dogs, they are significantly happier and they have become better family members. Solely because of Jimi's training we are able to help our dogs fully participate in all areas of our active lives: running, biking, socializing, swimming, hiking, outings to restaurants/stores/errands, car rides, and he even helped us prepare dogs for our new baby. Our dogs have truly become our best friends. =D We can never repay Jimi for all he has given our family. Thank you, Jimi!

JewishNewsAZ.com Article

Jimi Livshitz says he can train any dog no matter what the breed or age, how bad its habits are or what it has been taught before. Livshitz, also known as the "Dog Guru," is an Israeli dog trainer in Phoenix who once trained German shepherds for the Israeli army and has what he calls [...]

Testimonial – Chris R. (Terraces of Phoenix)

Mr. Livshitz aka The Dog Guru, is a top notch professional with abilities that have to be seen to be believed. What makes him so unique is his philosophy in dealing with both owner and pet, it transcends the term "dog training" and delves more into the realm of relationship building. There is no way you would be disappointed in having Jimi work with you and your pet.

Video Testimonial – Brigitte Lovell & Cimba

Brigitte Lovell came to pick up her dog Cimba from us recently. Before bringing Cimba to Your Dog Guru, Brigitte explained Cimba as being a "terror". Cimba would chew on scissor handles and paper, damage furniture, and she could not be brought into public places easily. Brigitte tried Petsmart training, where Cimba showed some progress [...]

Harper the barking Labradoodle (Before & After)

Harper is a Labradoodle that has recently entered our Service Dog training program. One of the first issues we had to work on was her barking whenever a new person or dog was introduced. This is a short before & after clip of the progress made in just a few days with us! [...]

Sam the “untrainable” Belgian Malinois

Sam is a 3 year old Belgian Malinois that came to us from another training facility that deemed him "untrainable". His original owner and several trainers completely gave up on him. We knew we could help Sam so we took him in. This was a dog that was extremely aggressive and was not even potty [...]

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