Any pet store will be stocked full of treats and have a huge selection of toys. Food treats are unneeded… the best dog toy and “treat” you can give your dog is a good toy with you at the other end of it.

Best Dog Toy and Treat Tips

  1. Avoid feeding your dog treats. Your dog should be getting everything it needs from the high quality food you are feeding them.
  2. No bones! Giving your dog a bone to constantly chew on by itself is not promoting interaction and can end up creating bad habits of chewing on other things.
  3. The best toys are ones that you can interact with too. Tug toys, balls, and frisbees are all great toys. Make sure the materials are strong and durable so they last a long time.
  4. Never give your dog a toy shaped like a snake or a small animal. Can you guess why? 🙂

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