Before Jimi became our dog trainer we were certain that we knew everything about handling/caring for our dogs. BUT when we watched our dogs respond so naturally and eagerly to Jimi, we quickly realized that what/how we were communicating/relating to/loving our dogs was lacking greatly. Jimi trained our two dogs, while simultaneously teaching us to be better parents to them. He was so patient, kind, and intuitive in communicating/teaching both us and our dogs. We were always amazed and humbled by his unique abilities. Because of Jimi’s training, we are now very in tune with our dogs, they are significantly happier and they have become better family members. Solely because of Jimi’s training we are able to help our dogs fully participate in all areas of our active lives: running, biking, socializing, swimming, hiking, outings to restaurants/stores/errands, car rides, and he even helped us prepare dogs for our new baby. Our dogs have truly become our best friends. =D We can never repay Jimi for all he has given our family. Thank you, Jimi!

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