Arizona Dog Training at it’s finest! “It’s not training dogs so much, it’s training people,” said Livshitz. “The system is very broad. Once I show a person how to do it, then they can have success with it.”

Jimi Livshitz offers Arizona Dog Training

“Treat training is sellable because it sells treats and it sells time,” says Livshitz.
Not only does Livshitz not use treats, his dog Ben doesn’t have a leash or even a collar on.
Livshitz claims you don’t need any equipment to control your dog.
“I look at the relationship of training the dog as a marriage,” Livshitz says, referring to his use of repetitive commands. “It’s an ongoing process of things and goals.”
Livshitz doesn’t just work with puppies, young and ready for schooling.
He takes on all dogs, even those other trainers have written off as incapable of rehab.

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